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Scalp Care is Essential to Hair Care

Updated: 2 days ago

Hair care and scalp care go hand in hand. The scalp is the skin under your hair. Although you cannot see your scalp as much, it’s just as important to set intention to care for your scalp. Like skin care, good scalp care is about having an effective routine with vetted proven ingredients.

When it comes to products, healthy scalp care means choosing a shampoo, conditioner and other products that are formulated for both your scalp and your hair. Clean products that don’t have parabens, silicones, dyes, artificial fragrances, etc will not have the ingredients that lead to dry scalp, rash, and irritation. Anything you put on your scalp, goes into your bloodstream. Therefore, it is critical to use clean ingredient products.

Thus, it’s vital to use a good shampoo, like On Point Beauty Hydrating Shampoo that cleanses, strengthens, and hydrates both the scalp and hair. Hair conditioners are typically formulated for nourishing only the hair strands. However, our On Point Beauty Hydrating Conditioner, protects, nourishes, and hydrates both the scalp and hair.

A leave-in conditioner is key in adding a protective layer on the hair and scalp from the sun and heat tools. Our On Point Leave-In Conditioner is light weight and has essential oils of jasmine and rose that keeps the scalp moisturized and helps prevent hair breakage. Our Stimulating Hair Growth Oil is light and perfect for massaging onto the scalp to condition, and stimulate hair growth. Adding a few drops to hair strands will protect the hair from environmental elements that can damage the hair.

Get started with our Cleanse & Condition Complete Kit that has all the essentials to set the foundation for a clean and healthy scalp and hair. With a clean, moisturized, and conditioned scalp, hair will grow healthy, strong, dense. It will make you look and feel “On Point!”

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